Google Ads – The Difference between a Good and Bad Google Ads

The Difference between a Good and Bad Google Ads Campaign is the return on investment, with bid costs becoming more competitive a Standard Ad with the Default Options and no research isn’t likely to make the grade, here are some tips for when you’re creating a campaign to improve your ROI.

Create New Search Campaigns Categorised By Location ( Collect Stats from Best performing Locations, Cities, States(exclude City) etc.. )
Exclude Partner and Display Network.
Set Audiences if applicable
Define Budget and Set to Accelerated.
Set “bidding” to “maximise clicks” and set max budget.
Set Schedule Days and times (Maximum Conversion from past stats ~eg. mon-fri 7am to midnight)
Add Extensions, more the better.
Create Add Groups ( Brands, Categories )
KeyWord [exact match] (check stats best Converting)
Create AB Ads with {KeyWord:} Call to actions, Display Advantages. (fast Delivery, Sale on Now, Sale Ends Soon, Lowest Prices, Satisfaction Guarantee)(one short and concise and long and detailed, or more…)
Add IP Exclusions if have stats.
Set Devices Bid Adjustment according to difference of stats for conversion rates.
Duplicate Campaigns for Locations and adjust bids according to conversion stats.

Link KeyWords Directly to best Landing Page.  Adjust individual bids if needed for better performing keywords.
If Budget is not depleted, Add more “Exact Match” or “Phrase Match”

1 Month Check Conversion Rates for: Locations, Brands/Categories, Devices, Keywords, Days and Times; then modify bid values accordingly. 


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